“Write On” Wright Thompson!

Fellow Cavs fans,

ESPN’s Wright Thompson came to Cleveland in October to tell the tale of LeBron James’ departure. The resulting work is a masterpiece. Click the image to jump there, and enjoy! And to all who participated in our Twitter chat session, and later contributed blog comments, thank you!

This came today, from Wright, to all of you:

“The piece is up. Your help in giving me a window into what people thought proved to be my rudder and compass on my journey around Cleveland. I cannot thank you enough.”

It’s not easy to understand or explain #ClevelandFan. Hell, I struggle to comprehend myself. Wright, however, for having spent one week in Cleveland – and to perfectly capture the moment (and many, many before it) – has earned my lasting respect and admiration, and perhaps yours.

So, I invite you to write a comment to Wright, which I’ll be sure to share. Write what you feel, it’s what Wright wrote – thanks in part to all of you who helped set the tone.

Thank you Believeland!