“Why I WITNESS” – A Prologue

I give up. I promised myself, no blog. Stick with Twitter. Well here I am, blogging. So be it WITNESSES. I hope you enjoy it. And for reading it, I thank you.

@CavsWITNESS is my contribution to keeping Cavs fans connected 140 characters at a time. Along the way, a little humor (I can’t suppress the smart ass inside). And above all, hope (the best of things).

Why I WITNESS? That’s tough to tweet. Hence my blog, my broken pledge.

Cory's ultimate demise? The high fastball.

I’m a kid from Canton. Born and bred and still reside. I’m 30 now. At seven I adored Cory Snyder. Idolized Cory Snyder. I still have the cards, signature and scars. He slipped on the Metrodome track, hurt his back, got off track and never came back. Fact: Cory kicked off my Cleveland love affair.

In 1992, his career rebounded – momentarily – in San Francisco. My father drove me to Cincinnati to watch him play. We stayed one night. One game. Cory doubled – and hit two homeruns. He would club only 14 that season. I would never see him again. Heading home, I pondered the odds. Remarkable.

To this day, I understand hope as 200 miles and two homeruns – as one night to last a lifetime.

It’s one story. Like you, I have many. I’ll share them, but not this day. After all, we are the waiting. We are Cleveland – the city of horseshoes and hand grenades; of close, but not quite. Of heartache, and hope.

Be assured I’ll bring you Cavs news and views, insights and updates, links and laughs. And on occasion, another chapter in “Why I WITNESS”.

My name is Eric. I am a kid from Canton who hopes a kid from Akron can make all of Cleveland feel like a kid again.