This blog celebrates Cleveland sports misery. That is to say, the agony of victory. Success comes not easy – or at all – to the shores of Lake Erie. At the time of this writing – May 19, 2010 – we, the waiting, have been deprived a professional championship 46 years and counting.

My name is Eric Knappenberger (twitter.com/CavsWITNESS). I am a Cleveland sports fan. I was born, raised and still reside in Canton, Ohio – home to the National Football League Hall of Fame. For me, greatness is a building I’ve ever – and a feeling I’ve never – known.

I love the Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians and Browns. I love Canton, Akron and Cleveland. And I hope. Hope is a good thing. Perhaps, the best of things. It is all that we, the waiting, have. In Cleveland, we wait. And hope.

Here you’ll find Cavs news, facts, stats, insights, updates, quips, quotes, pics, polls, links and laughs – like Twitter, only longer. And as I share my sentiments, I encourage your own. It is heartache that haunts us; that unites us. No heartbreak, no matter how grave, can extinguish hope. This I know.

For I am a Cleveland sports fan.

And I am waiting.


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  1. Chad says:

    Hey Eric,

    Big fan of your work with the blog and constant twitter updates. Its great to see someone with passion like yourself loving sports.

    I am also a big time sports fan with a ton on my mind. This has lead to me starting my own sports website http://www.IntheOT.com

    Check it out.

    If you want do do a blog roll exchange I would be more than happy to.




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