“Write On” Wright Thompson!

Fellow Cavs fans,

ESPN’s Wright Thompson came to Cleveland in October to tell the tale of LeBron James’ departure. The resulting work is a masterpiece. Click the image to jump there, and enjoy! And to all who participated in our Twitter chat session, and later contributed blog comments, thank you!

This came today, from Wright, to all of you:

“The piece is up. Your help in giving me a window into what people thought proved to be my rudder and compass on my journey around Cleveland. I cannot thank you enough.”

It’s not easy to understand or explain #ClevelandFan. Hell, I struggle to comprehend myself. Wright, however, for having spent one week in Cleveland – and to perfectly capture the moment (and many, many before it) – has earned my lasting respect and admiration, and perhaps yours.

So, I invite you to write a comment to Wright, which I’ll be sure to share. Write what you feel, it’s what Wright wrote – thanks in part to all of you who helped set the tone.

Thank you Believeland!


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8 Responses to “Write On” Wright Thompson!

  1. ravination says:

    This story was amazing. I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, and grew up a sports fan especially the Cleveland teams. After I graduated High School, I moved with my family to a small town in Eastern Kentucky and the people here pretend to know what it’s like to be a sports fan b/c they have UK, but the fact of the matter is it doesn’t even come close to the history and loyalty of Cleveland fans. This story proves that. Thank you for that, but not only that, but also helping provide a small comfort in a hard time to be a Cleveland fan. Awesome work!

  2. @bsebbio says:

    That was the best piece of sports journalism I’ve ever read.

    It made me cry.

    Cleveland thanks you Wright. Maybe, just maybe, living here isn’t quite so bad.

    You proved good things CAN come from ESPN.

  3. Rich Hanes says:

    That piece was amazing. As a die hard Cleveland fan I had to close my door at work cause I teared up reading it and relating. Thanks WRight

  4. Mollie says:

    Dear Wright Thompson,
    I read your article for ESPN on Believeland.
    I was touched.
    You captured the essence of Cleveland heartbreak. Our city has experience so much heartbreak that we a montage of our “most heartbreaking moments” was played during game 7 of the NBA championship last year. You captured Cleveland’s greatness too.
    Did you know that in the Great Lakes brewing company, they still have the hole left from the bullet that killed Elliot Ness’s. His home still stands at Clifton Beach. Our art museum has an original of Monet’s waterlillies. That may not mean much to many people, but thats a big deal. And the museum is completely free!
    I am a believelander through and through. I was raised that way. My grandpa grew up with 5 brothers and sister. His dad worked in an automobile plant. He raised himself and built himself to be a CEO of Key Bank.
    He is Cleveland.
    I go to Lakewood High. Last year, our football team went 1-7. Our basketball team lost every single game. But this year, we still filled the stands. 10 people painted their stomachs for every football game, no matter the weather.
    Thats Cleveland
    When Lebron announced the desicion, my mom told me: Ghandi said be the change you wish to see in the world. I say be the greatness you wish to see in Cleveland.
    I live my life by that. I stay up till 12 every night doing homework, but I don’t get straight A’s. I am a member of student council, National Honor Society, orchestra, and a volunteer group. And most proudly, a Cross Country captain.
    Cross Country is a Cleveland sport. You have to give it your all. Results are yeilded based on how hard you work. When you race, atheletes have to give it their all for all 3.1 miles, no matter what, or give up and cut your losses. The atheletes never give up.
    Thats Cleveland.
    We are Cleveland.
    And Walter Thompson, so are you

  5. concede330 says:

    For all the evil that ESPN can bring, this is a prime example of the great and far reaching resources they have and the voice they can be for fans across the nation. This is an incredible piece and Wright’s time, dedication, and passion for what he saw shines through in every word.


  6. KN says:

    That was by and far one of the BEST articles I have ever read. It makes me proud of my city.

    Wright ‘gets it’ and that is very, very, very hard to do. Just like moving away was hard for ME to do – but the article covers that too. It gave an understanding of WHY. Whether your still in Cleveland or not we still have such a sense of PRIDE and LOYALTY when it comes to our teams and our city. We know Cleveland isn’t the best place in the world, but that isn’t what matters. It’s the CHARACTER of the city that does – and no other place can even begin to compare when it comes to that.

    Wright Thompson, my hat is off to you. Thank You!

  7. Rant13 says:

    I was one of the people who joined in the tweet conversation.
    I thank you for your beautiful article about our Cleveland. We all get a little caught up in how we feel about Cleveland, how everyone else feels about Cleveland, and how we THINK everyone else feels about Cleveland.
    It’s nice to see someone come to Cleveland and see how we feel about it.
    Thank you. it was poignant and perfectly written.


  8. amckenna310 says:

    Such an amazing piece of journalism. Extremely impressed by Wright Thompson’s ability to grasp the emotional feelings behind Cleveland sports. I honestly think he described some of the feelings that come from the people in Northeast Ohio better than most of them could. Definitely better than I ever could. Just a work of art in my opinion.

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