“Why I WITNESS” – A Prologue

I give up. I promised myself, no blog. Stick with Twitter. Well here I am, blogging. So be it WITNESSES. I hope you enjoy it. And for reading it, I thank you.

@CavsWITNESS is my contribution to keeping Cavs fans connected 140 characters at a time. Along the way, a little humor (I can’t suppress the smart ass inside). And above all, hope (the best of things).

Why I WITNESS? That’s tough to tweet. Hence my blog, my broken pledge.

Cory's ultimate demise? The high fastball.

I’m a kid from Canton. Born and bred and still reside. I’m 30 now. At seven I adored Cory Snyder. Idolized Cory Snyder. I still have the cards, signature and scars. He slipped on the Metrodome track, hurt his back, got off track and never came back. Fact: Cory kicked off my Cleveland love affair.

In 1992, his career rebounded – momentarily – in San Francisco. My father drove me to Cincinnati to watch him play. We stayed one night. One game. Cory doubled – and hit two homeruns. He would club only 14 that season. I would never see him again. Heading home, I pondered the odds. Remarkable.

To this day, I understand hope as 200 miles and two homeruns – as one night to last a lifetime.

It’s one story. Like you, I have many. I’ll share them, but not this day. After all, we are the waiting. We are Cleveland – the city of horseshoes and hand grenades; of close, but not quite. Of heartache, and hope.

Be assured I’ll bring you Cavs news and views, insights and updates, links and laughs. And on occasion, another chapter in “Why I WITNESS”.

My name is Eric. I am a kid from Canton who hopes a kid from Akron can make all of Cleveland feel like a kid again.



Cavs news, facts, stats, insights, updates, quips, quotes, pics, polls, links and laughs. WITNESS your Cleveland Cavaliers! Go Cavs!

7 Responses to “Why I WITNESS” – A Prologue

  1. Dad says:

    Yes, what Cory did that summer night did seem surreal indeed. I also remember we had seats along the 3rd baseline and Cory played left field that night; so close my son could practically touch him. Driving home, I pondered, “Did God move his mighty hand to give a little boy a lifetime memory, or did we just luck out?” I’m still not sure about the “mighty hand thing,” but I guess the “lifetime memory” one has been confirmed. Love -Dad

  2. scott @ wfny says:

    Good stuff, sir. Looking forward to future posts.

  3. willis1127 says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog. As a 31 year old living in Cleveland but from Akron, I’m sure we have a lot of similar memories.

  4. WayneEmbrysKids says:

    Good job all season dude.

  5. Tim says:

    Good stuff, welcome to the blogosphere. I’m 32 from Orrville….loved Cory Snyder too as a kid.

    Been following your twitter for a while (you follow mine too @redridersports), you do a great job with it…and I think this is the logical next step.

    Will be interested so see thoughts of more than 140+ characters.

    Watched LBJ since he was a soph. at St. V, played George Junior Rebulic (PA) at the Canton Fieldhouse….put up the quietest 25-7-7 I’ve ever seen…..I was hooked.

    Hope it doesn’t end the way I think it might….but your tagline at the top says it all….”hope is the best of things.”

  6. PK says:

    I saw the article in USA today about the Cavs playing the Heat tonight in Cleveland. I grew up in Cleveland and in many ways, my heart remains there too. Regarding your suggestion that silence would be deafing. I would see if the fans could be prompted into a very easy exercise. Applaud, cheer, etc. only when the Cavs have the ball and have deafening silence when the Heat have the ball. Carried out for a sustained amount of time, I imagine the impact would be noticable and profound.

    I’m not worried that, if successful, the same tactic might be used against us in Miami. Miami does not share the pain that drives the Cavs fans.

    Just a thought.


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